The Company


NTINTOS IKE based in Thessaloniki, deals with the construction and maintenance of cooling-heating, plumbing and fire protection systems. The company is composed of experienced technicians and constructs projects of any size in Greece and other countries as well. The projects are taken from very beginning and handed completed when each check for proper operation and durability are conducted.

The company has many years of experience in the construction of hydraulic projects, firefighting and cooling-heating. Thus, they are able to cope with even the most specialized demands of a project which may require at the same time strict quality criteria, strict adherence to deadlines and competitive cost.



The company operates in a wide range of technical projects in the private and in the broad industrial sector, providing completed solutions such as:

Project Planning
Supply of Equipment
Technical Support


The aim is the manufacture of high quality projects and performance based on the foundation of lasting and trusting relationships with our clients through consistency, professionalism and continuous development.

Our priority is the immediate response to our customers' needs and their continuous support. The reliability, the quality, the certifications and the structural integrity of the NTINTOS IKE projects are confirmed by its satisfied customers.